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3D Graphics – Illustration & Animation

welcome to my room – St. Gertrude’s Church

Hours: Thu–Sun 1pm–6pm from March 11 thru April 7, 2017.
Vernissage: March 10, 7pm.
Finissage (closing ceremony): April 7, 7pm.
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Developing an artistic work by using the 3D model of the exhibition space.

Work in Progress for an exhibition in St. Gertrude’s church, Cologne, together with four artists from Cologne, Paris, and Leipzig.

St. Gertrude is known for its extraordinary architecture by Gottfried Böhm, so thinking of an artwork in this outstanding building is quite a special challenge. Besides the religious aspect one can hardly ignore the site-specific influence of the architecture itself. So we decided to work extensively on the architecture and its structure. We started with an artistic 3D analysis and figured out which directions the work(s) could take.

In this process, working with Blender has at least two strong features. On the one hand it obviously helps to imagine the dimensions of the building and any artwork inside of it, on the other hand Blender works as a tool to think and to start the creative process. By modelling the church, a deeper understanding of its structure emerges, which is the precondition for a diverse artistic practice. The myriad opportunities of the 3D model evoke thinking in a broader sense. Grabbing, rotating, moving the elements or changing their material opens up the mind to new views. So Blender cannot just be seen as a tool to visualize but to think and create new artistic approaches. The exhibition takes place in March and April, 2017.